I hope you are enjoying our website.  I have often heard that “life insurance is sold – not purchased.”  I never agreed with this statement and have always thought that a life insurance consumer, armed with the right information and tools, can purchase life insurance without having to be sold by an eager salesman.  To that end, we have created this website.

In order to arm our users with the right information and proper tools, as well as providing them with the best user experience possible, we created InstantQuoteLifeInsurance.com with these six things in mind:

  1. Provide the right information and tools on our website to our users so they can make informed decisions about their life insurance needs.  Also provide access to insurance professionals by phone or email, for those who prefer “live” contact.
  2. Provide “Instant” life insurance quotes that are really instant. By submitting minimal information in our quote engine, our website will rapidly display multiple quotes from the leading life insurance companies.
  3. Provide quotes only from A-Rated Companies, or higher.  With a life insurance policy, the insurance company is making a promise to pay the beneficiary in the event of the insured person’s death.  As the financial ratings (A.M Best, S&P, Moody’s, etc) are an indication of a company’s financial strength and ability to pay claims, there’s a stronger probability that a highly rated company will keep that promise.
  4. Provide quotes without the visitor entering their personal information.  By making our rate database available without the visitor entering any personal or contact information, we have addressed the privacy concerns of our visitors.
  5. Provide the most accurate quotes possible.  Our Health Analyzer incorporates the major health and lifestyle factors used by each insurance company so your quotes will be much more accurate than a mere guess.  While the final quotes are issued at the end of the underwriting period, our quotes can be considered the most accurate available online today.
  6. Protect our visitors’ information.  Many people, rightfully so, are concerned about identity theft and protection of privacy.  To that end, we follow a very strict privacy policy and promise not to ever sell or otherwise transfer our customers’ information to any third party or entity (other than necessary for the application process).  For more information about how we protect your privacy, visit this link.

Thank You,

Richard Reich
Intramark Insurance Services, Inc.