Instant Quotes from A-Rated (or Higher) Insurance Companies

At, we aim to give you the most accurate life insurance quotes instantly and to find you the most competitive prices.  We represent some of the top-rated insurance companies in the United States.

Our quote engine offers two quote options:

  1. From the home screen, you can estimate your health class using our easy to read Health Class Chart; or
  2. On your initial quote page, you can use the Health Analyzer to see if you qualify for the quotes that were based on your health class estimate.

Estimated or Health Analyzed, you can get quotes at without having to enter your personal contact information.


To get your quote now, click on the “Get Life Insurance Quotes” button at the top of this page


Disclaimer:  Our quotes show cost for the quoted class as determined by you on the input page. The complete underwriting process is needed to determine whether you qualify fora rating class and as to what your actual premium will be. The quotes are shown for comparison and are not based on any actual individual until underwriting occurs,therefore quotes on the quoting engine are subject to change.

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