American National Insurance Company (ANICO) became established around the turn-of-the-twentieth- century in 1905.  This insurance company offers a diverse assortment of financial products, including property and casualty insurance, accident and health insurance, life insurance, annuities, agribusiness, pension plans, and additional commercial products.


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American National Insurance Company
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Financial and insurance services are provided nationwide by ANICO’s subsidiaries.  In fact, this long-standing insurance provider extends its products throughout all 50 states by way of its independent insurance agencies and insurance agents.  Employing over 3,000 agents in New York, Missouri, and Texas, the company has made Galveston, Texas its headquarters.  Additionally, A.M. Best Rating Services has awarded the company with an “A Excellent” rating.


ANICO’s Life Insurance Products


American National offers a comprehensive selection of life insurance products to accommodate the various needs of prospective customers.

Signature Whole Life
Available for applicants ages 0 through 80, this plan is a fully underwritten whole life policy with face amounts between $10,000 and greater than $1 million. Providing both a guaranteed level premium and death benefit, Signature Whole Life also offers a cash value that earns at a fixed rate of interest, which can be collected for any reason by the policyholder. Dividends earned can be taken as a reduction in premium, added to the face value of the policy, or as a cash payout.
ValueGuard Whole Life Insurance
This is a no-exam whole life insurance policy that provides level payments, permanent insurance coverage, and an accumulating cash value throughout the term of the policy. Face value amounts for this whole life policy are offered up to $150,000, and as long as periodic premiums are paid, there is a guaranteed death benefit.
Legacy Whole Life Insurance
ANICO’s Legacy Whole Life policy is their guaranteed issue policy that offers zero health questions and no medical exam. Applicants between the ages of 50 and 80 are eligible, with a $25,000 death benefit available. Great for those in need of final expense insurance, this policy is often approved and issued in less than an hour.

Since this policy is a guaranteed issue, there will be a 2-year waiting period for death benefits to be released for death by natural causes. However, if the insured passes during the waiting period of natural causes, the death benefit will be reduced to 110% of the premiums paid during the time the insured had the policy.

Freedom Term Life Insurance
This no-exam life insurance is available for applicants ages 18 through 64 years old, and is available in 10, 20, and 30-year terms. In most instances, quick approval is possible and a 30-day free look period is also available. Despite the fact that this is a no-exam life insurance policy, ANICO’s rates are quite competitive.
Signature Term Life Insurance
Highly competitive within term insurance commerce, ANICO’s Signature Term Life Insurance policy is fully underwritten and is available for 10, 15, 20, and 30-year terms. Issuance age is dependent on the term being purchased. The maximum age for the 10-year term policy is 70 years of age. Conversion is an option up until the policy’s expiration date, and various riders can help to enhance the coverage of the policy.
Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL)
ANICO’s IUL policy provides indexed and fixed crediting benefits. Face values are available in the amounts of $25,000 up to $1 million and over, and are available for those aged 0 to 85. This policy is great for those that want a more dynamic policy that provides a higher cash accumulation while still satisfying the appropriate death benefit chosen. Additionally, there are seven policy riders that are also available to help to broaden coverage if desired.
Executive Universal Life
This is a flexible universal life policy that offers a 3% guaranteed interest rate. Eligible for applicants ages 0 to 70, face value amounts start at $25,000 going up to greater than $1 million in coverage. Should a policyholder want to expand their coverage, six riders are available to help meet their needs. More great news includes the fact that ANICO paid a 4% interest rate for the majority of 2016 due to the company’s performance, despite their offering of a guaranteed interest rate of 3%.


Other Insurance Products from American National


In addition to life insurance policies, ANICO also provides medical benefits, such as supplemental health insurance and Medicare Supplement, property and casualty insurance for businesses and individuals, and annuity products for those planning their retirement.


Our Review of American National Insurance Company


American National Insurance Company certainly has its pros and cons for both consumers and agents, as does any insurance provider.


ANICO appears to take a competitive stance within the marketplace and certain components of their product line are considered to be rather competitive as well. Their insurance offerings are well-balanced, and some of the most favored riders are optional for most of their policies.
ANICO receives high marks from agents for their no-exam (simplified issue) policies that are also fully underwritten and for the fact that their policies are generally issued faster. While also providing excellent customer service to the agents, the company is pleasant to work with.

ANICO receives high marks from agents for their no-exam (simplified issue) policies that are also fully underwritten and for the fact that their policies are generally issued faster. While also providing excellent customer service to the agents, the company is pleasant to work with.

There are no cons primarily to report for this insurance provider. However, like many insurers, ANICO rivals in only certain portions of the insurance marketplace, so it may not be the most favorable choice for all that apply.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does ANICO offer more than life insurance?

Yes. American National also offers health insurance, home and auto insurance, farm and ranch insurance, and insurance for businesses.s.

Does ANICO offer low-cost term insurance?

Although ANICO does not consider itself as a low cost leader in the term insurance market, we’ve found that they are very competitive and are continually in the top 5 insurance companies for low-cost term insurance rates.

Does American National have high ratings?

Yes. American National Insurance Company has been awarded the rataing of A (Excellent) by A.M. Best, one of the largest insurance company rating services in the U.S.

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