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When you purchase a life insurance policy from any company, especially one with incredibly low rates, it makes sense to do a little research on that company so you’ll establish a certain level of comfort.

After all, a life insurance policy is simply a promise from your life insurance company that when the worse thing happens, the company will pay your beneficiary a tax-free death benefit.

It’s a promise to pay in exchange for a premium but the promise, in many cases, has to be kept for decades. If you are considering Axa Equitable Life Insurance Company, the following information could be very helpful before you sign that proverbial dotted line.

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About AXA Equitable


AXA Equitable Financial Services (AXA), was established as Equitable Life Insurance Company over 160 years ago in 1859. The company has become well respected in the financial services industry by offering premier life insurance products.

As the Equitable Life grew its footprint over time it was eventually purchased in 1991 by AXA, a very large financial services and product provider in France.

As the company continued to grow they acquired other insurers and have broadened their reach to over 59 countries and now rely on subsidiary companies for product distribution and financial planning services:

  • MONY Life Insurance Company of America
  • AXA Advisors
  • AXA Distributors
  • AXA S.A.

AXA Equitable insurance and financial products are distributed by independent insurance professionals and financial advisors around the world.


AXA’s Ratings and Financial Strength


From a financial standpoint, AXA is considered to be a very strong company and as such, the company can pay claims quickly and consistently. Year after year AXA Equitable has been awarded very high ratings from all of the national rating services continues to earn an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Rating ServiceCurrent RatingDescription
A.M. BestA+2nd Highest Rating
Standard & Poor’sA+5th Highest Rating
Fitch RatingsAA-4th Highest Rating
Moody’s Investors ServiceAa34th Highest Rating


Certainly, these ratings are a solid indication that AXA Equitable maintains a strong balance sheet and should be able to keep its promise to pay for many years to come.


AXA Equitable Life Insurance and Financial Products


Similar to other global financial service organizations, AXA Equitable provides a comprehensive portfolio of life insurance products and investment products that are designed to create and protect the financial future of individuals and families.

Term Life InsuranceAnnuities403(b) Plans
Whole Life InsuranceIRAs457(b) Plans
Indexed Universal LifeMutual Funds401(k) Plans
Variable Universal LifeBrokerage & Advisory AccountsDental & Vision Plans
Survivorship Life InsuranceDisability Income Insurance


AXA Equitable’s Term Life Insurance


Term life insurance, being the most affordable, is also the most popular life insurance product in the marketplace. Rates from most companies are as low today than ever before and young adults who intend to grow their families commonly use term life insurance to provide replacement income for a surviving spouse if the worst should happen.

AXA Equitable offers two term life insurance products to accommodate individuals and families.

Term Series is a very competitively priced life insurance policy with policy periods of 10, 15, 20-years, annually renewable and single premium. All Term Series policies are convertible to permanent insurance or the policy can be renewed as annually renewable term.



AXA Equitable’s Interest Sensitive Whole Life Insurance


When individuals and families want lifetime insurance protection that offers certainly and predictability, interest-sensitive whole life insurance is generally the better product to meet those needs.

The cash value account in the interest-sensitive whole life policy increase yearly and is set up so the cash account will equal the face amount (death benefit) at age 100. The interest-sensitive whole life policy contains two very important guarantees:

  1. The cash value account is never negatively impacted by market conditions as long as no loans are taken against the policy.
  2. The face amount and cash value account will be the same amount at age 100.

AXA Equitable offers several optional riders so that policyholders can obtain customized coverage to meet their individual needs and circumstances.


AXA Equitable Indexed Universal Life Insurance


IUL Protect

The AXA Equitable IUL Protect insurance provides adjustable premium selections while providing lifetime insurance protection as well as the potential to grow wealth by assigning funds to a Select Account or by selecting a Guaranteed Interest Account.

The Select Account feature links the cash value account to the overall performance of the S&P 500 wherein the insured would receive 100% of any earnings but dependent on the Cap rate set by the insurer.

With the IUL Protect, the insured is also safeguarded against negative returns since the policy offers a 0% Floor rate; which means the cash-value account will not suffer loss in a down market.

BrightLife® Grow

Comparable to the IUL Protect policy, the BrightLife Grow product is targeted more at creating wealth since the cash value account contained in the insurance policy can be connected to a variety of market indices enabling the insured to share in the upside of the selected market equities minus the exposure of the downside.

Similar to the Interest Sensitive Whole Life product and the IUL Protect product, individuals can gain access to the funds in the BrightLife Grow product by way of policy loans or withdrawals. Any monies obtained using policy loans are not treated as income and consequently not taxable.

The AXA BrightLife® Grow product can also be purchased as a survivorship policy so that partners or married couples can utilize it for estate planning so their heirs will not be burdened with estate taxes or inheritance taxes.


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