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Why You Should Consider No Medical Exam Life Insurance

October 19, 2016

Life insurance is one of the best purchases you can make to protect your loved ones for the future. Thanks to online platforms, it’s now easier than ever to find a plan that’s best for you – quickly and conveniently. When considering life insurance, many people weigh the following concerns and should consider no medical exam life insurance.

  1. The cost
  2. The coverage
  3. The medical exam

Shopping online for life insurance quotes can take care of the first two concerns; however, the medical exam remains a stressor for many applicants. Perhaps you are traveling abroad, or are physically unable at the moment to have an exam done. You may even be hesitant just for the fact that it is a medical exam, and may be apprehensive about it. Thankfully, the option to apply for no medical exam life insurance is available!

The Benefits of No Exam Life Insurance

One of the most valuable benefits of this type of plan is that it does away with the long, drawn-out process of applying for coverage. The no medical exam life insurance route is the fast lane to coverage, without having to go through an examination. Insurance companies recognize that the most common reason for applying for this type of policy is that the coverage is needed or wanted in a hurry; therefore, they’ve streamlined the process by pulling all reports electronically, like the Medical Information Bureau report, the prescription drug history report, and the Motor Vehicle Report. With electronic pulling of records and no medical exam, you can see why most applicants have coverage within days instead of weeks! This comes in quite handy if you need coverage in a hurry.

Same Coverage, Easier Application Process

Others who would appreciate the lack of an exam include those who are not fans of needles, those who are just too darn busy, those who don’t want to fast for twelve hours, and those who just do not like the idea of a medical exam! And, one of the very best features of this type of policy is that it provides the same coverage as standard, ordinary, exam-is-included life insurance. Even though there is no exam with this option, you’ll enjoy similar coverage as other life insurance policies.

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