Understanding the Term Conversion Privilege

May 11, 2018

the conversion privilege

As we go through our adult lives, it’s typical for most people to accumulate substantial debt when buying homes, automobiles, investing in retirement plans, opening a business, or starting a family.  Throughout our younger years, when plenty of life insurance coverage is necessary because of our debt, the most reasonably priced type of life insurance […]


Why Do I need a Medical Exam to Get Life Insurance?

May 4, 2018

do I need a Medical Exam to get life insurance

As a life insurance agent, I always expect the “eye-roll” which is typically accompanied by a “sigh” the moment I mention the insurance company will order a medical exam. This reaction is typical and I can certainly understand why. Even repeat customers seem to groan at having someone they don’t know come to their home […]


Instant Insurance Quotes for Single Moms

April 26, 2018

insurance quotes for single moms

There is no doubt that single parents have special challenges, especially while trying to balance their work life with their home life. It’s even more challenging when single moms have multiple children to raise while they are working. They have so many balls in the air that represent their responsibilities, it is almost mind-boggling. In […]


Affordable Life Insurance with Asthma

October 3, 2017

life insurance with asthma

Something quite interesting about today’s life insurance market is that very few people pay more premium for being affected by asthma. In the grand scheme of things, only the worst cases of asthma are rated sub-standard by most life insurance companies. Yes, there is affordable life insurance with asthma. When someone is shopping for life […]


What is the Medical Information Bureau?

September 26, 2017

medical information bureau

The Medical Information Bureau (MIB) provides a collection of private medical and non-medical (hazardous avocations, hobbies, and driving violations) data. The primary purpose of the MIB is to furnish the exchange of underwriting information between its member companies. Member companies are compelled to report a coded summary of conditions and conclusions which may be important […]