cities with expensive life insuranceThe cost of life insurance varies from person to person. Health factors such as diet, exercise, weight, whether or not they smoke, and the likelihood of an auto accident determine how much it will cost to insure a person’s life. Some cities in the US have particularly high life insurance rates based on the health of their residents. Just like a smoker applying for life insurance, a city with a high percentage of smokers is going to see a spike in life insurance rates.

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 36 percent of Americans are considered overweight, 23 percent don’t exercise regularly, and 19 percent are considered regular smokers. Factoring in where a city sits on the national average, and AllState’s statistics on a city’s auto accident rate and you have a solid method of determining which cities have the highest life insurance rates compared to the rest of the country. We took a look at Life Health Pro’s survey of the cities with the highest life insurance rates using the following four factors. Take a look at the results and see if your city landed on the list of the top five cities whose residents pay the most for life insurance.

5. Detroit, Michigan.

As one of the most economically depressed cities in the country, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see Detroit on the list. The number of residents who smoke is at 24 percent, that’s 5 percent higher than the national average. Plus, the number of residents that don’t exercise regularly is up to 28 percent, while the number of overweight residents is at 34 percent. Finally, the likelihood of an auto accident in Detroit is at 11 percent.

4. Fort Wayne, Indiana

For the most part Fort Wayne is right on par with the national average with the number of overweight residents coming in at 36 percent, while the number of residents who don’t exercise is at 23 percent. However, the number of smokers in Fort Wayne is up to 26 percent, a full 7 percent higher than the national average. On a good note, the likelihood of an accident is down at 8 percent.

3. Madison, Wisconsin

Madison gets mixed results when it comes to the health of its residents. Sitting above the national average, the number of residents that don’t exercise in Madison is at 31 percent and the number of residents that smoke is at 24 percent. Yet, overweight residents only make up 33 percent of Madison’s population.

2. Moreno Valley, California

Things could be better for Moreno Valley. Both the number of residents who don’t exercise and the number of smokers is well above the national average with 30 percent and 23 percent respectively. While the number of overweight residents is only at 34 percent, the auto accident is at 6 percent.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

Finally at the top of the list, New Orleans has plenty of reasons for being the city with the highest life insurance rates. The likelihood of an auto accident is all the way up at 40 percent. Plus, every other factor is above the national average with 37 percent being overweight, 27 percent that don’t exercise and 23 percent are smokers. Try to stay healthy New Orleans!