What’s scarier than dying in a plane crash? Try driving in a car on your way to work. Despite our worst fears, the real risks of dying prematurely are everywhere we look, from walking across the street to drinking and eating the food in our homes. From a statistical standpoint, Americans tend to focus on the wrong concerns. When the average person is asked about their worst fears they might talk about being buried alive, being shot, or dying in a fiery explosion. But the chances of those fears materializing are slim to none. The average person is much more likely to die prematurely from something as mundane as tripping in their own home.

Everyday Risks Vs. Your Worst Nightmare

  • America has more 300 million guns and yet the average person has only a 1 in 358 chance of dying from assault with a firearm. Compare that with the 1 in 31 chance of the same person dying unintentionally from common household products including cleaners, chemicals and other poisonous materials.
  • Unless someone sticks their finger in an outlet, the average person has a 1 in 12,200 chance of dying from electrocution, while the chances of dying from an overdose on prescription medication are at 1 in 234.
  • A little turbulence thirty thousand feet in the air might sound terrifying, but the odds of dying in a plane crash are at 1 in 8,015. That’s far less than the 1 in 112 odds of dying in a car crash on your way to work.
  • Thunderstorms might keep you up at night but the odds of dying in one shouldn’t. The average person has a 1 in 6,780 chance of dying in a severe thunderstorm, while the odds of dying from a nasty fall are at 1 in 144.
  • If the average person refrains from flying a metal kite in a thunderstorm, they have a minuscule 1 in 164,968 chance of dying after getting struck by lightning. Yet dying while riding in a car still yields a 1 in 470 chance.
  • While getting stung by a bee is painful, the average person has a 1 in 55,764 chance of dying from a killer bee. That’s nothing compared to the 1 in 704 chance of someone dying while crossing the street.

Counter the Odds with Life Insurance

These statistics make it clear that life is full of risks. The average person encounters danger in the most surprising of places. If an accidental death strikes your family, will you have the resources to protect your loved ones from financial ruin? Insurance is all about mitigating risk. A sizable death benefit will help your family rebuild after a serious accident. Life insurance is everyone’s best bet against life’s unpredictability. When something as simple as a wet floor could lead to a life-threatening accident, it’s important to counter the odds with life insurance.

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