recently conducted a survey that had some interesting things to say about how people think about life, death and the people we leave behind.  Death is inevitable. It’s the one thing we are all 100 percent sure of in life. The best we can do is try to live well, collect worthwhile memories and leave some sort of legacy behind when we go.

That’s why it’s no surprise that when respondents of the survey were asked “What do you plan to leave your loved ones if you were to pass tomorrow?” 54 percent of them said family photos, and another 45 percent said they would leave behind valuables and personal items. Of course, when we lose someone dear to us, those pictures and keepsakes can comfort us through the grieving process and help keep the memory of our loved ones alive long after they’ve passed on. But is that really all we need?

When we think about what we’d like to leave behind after our death, we sometimes forget to think about what we’ve already been contributing during our lives. Perhaps that’s why fewer than half of those surveyed said that they would leave behind life insurance benefits for their families. But, if you are a major, or primary breadwinner in your family, the impact of your death could be potentially devastating. And if you fail to implement some sort of financial protection for your family, your passing might leave behind a financial hole that simply can’t be filled with photos and mementos.

It’s not that people don’t understand this. In fact, more than 40 percent of respondents said that they would feel the financial burden of a death in the family within just a few months. Yet still people fail to prioritize investing in life insurance. And while auto insurance, renters insurance and homeowners insurance are ubiquitous, far too many of us pass on life insurance. But is protecting your property really more important than protecting your family and loved ones from potential financial devastation in the event of your death? After all, you never know if your renters insurance is going to pay off, who knows if and when your car might be stolen or your house damaged? But death is 100 percent certain. So doesn’t life insurance seem like a pretty safe bet?

We really never know when tragedy might strike. But if it does, why compound your family’s suffering by adding money troubles to their list of things to worry about. A robust financial safety net is one of the most important things you can leave behind for those you love most, and it is surprisingly easy to do. The internet makes it easier than ever to shop, compare rates and begin the application process all with a few clicks of your mouse. Of course, go ahead and leave behind your favorite watch and those photos from your Hawaii trip, but while you’re at it, you might as well also leave them the peace of mind that comes with lasting financial security.

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