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Founded in 1834, Foresters Financial™ is an exclusive provider of financial services recognized worldwide.  In fact, it’s most likely one of the oldest life insurance providers within the United States.  Now, more than 180 years old, Foresters Financial™ offers solutions for retirement, savings, investment, and life insurance, which gives families the freedom to provide for their long-term financial goals.



Starting as the Ancient Order of Foresters, the financial service provider changed its name to the Independent Order of Foresters around 1834.  Originally a fraternal benefit society, Foresters consisted of members that gathered together in order to offer security, development, and aid.  Currently, Foresters Financial™ provides its services in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.


Operating similar to a non-profit for its members and their beneficiaries, Foresters Financial™ provides a vast array of financial programs that lend both assistance and support, as well as life insurance.  Members of Foresters have the advantage of premier benefits, which include financial counseling, academic scholarships, volunteer opportunities, and legal services at a discounted rate.



Financial Status


Currently holding over $8.45 billion in assets, Foresters Financial™ has well over $1 billion in excess premium.  This allows the company to govern its product offerings while remaining financially stable.


Presently, Foresters Financial™ has approximately 1.2 million policyholders and constituents with in excess of 3 million financial contracts and active policies.  Due to the fact that the company has tremendous growth over the last several years, Foresters is looking to transcend $34 million in assets.


Earning an “A” rating for the 15th year in a row by financial rating agency A.M. Best, Foresters Financial™ has proven consistency in their excellent financial standing for over a decade.  Year after year, Foresters has demonstrated that they’re both reliable and secure, financially speaking.  It’s difficult to find another company that duplicates Foresters’ reputation.


Foresters Financial™, as well as its subsidiary companies, offer products in the market of mutual funds, annuities, life insurance, and much more.


Life Insurance Products Available from Foresters


There are numerous life insurance products that Foresters Financial™ offers to its members in order for them to meet their unique financial needs:


PlanRight Whole Life Insurance


One of the most preferred final expense and life insurance products, PlanRight provides a lifetime guaranteed level premium as a whole life insurance policy.  This means that when compared to other final expense products, PlanRight offers the most affordable premiums.  It is honestly one of the best final expense plans on the market.

However, in order to secure this policy, there are medical eligibility requirements that need to be met and health questions to answer, so, unfortunately, this plan won’t satisfy everyone.  The three types of PlanRight Whole Life Insurance policies to choose from, which include fixed, modified, and graded.

  • Fixed Benefit: The death benefit distributed is 100% of the face value amount starting from the very beginning of the policy.


  • Modified: The beneficiary will receive a limited portion of the death benefit within the first two years of the policy as long as premiums are paid, plus 10% interest.  Once the two years have been met, the death benefit goes up to 100%.  Modified death benefit is most often offered with burial insurance plans.


  • Graded Benefit: During the first two years of this policy, the death benefit is also limited, but the beneficiary will either receive 30% of the face value amount in the first year with 70% in the second year, or all premiums paid in plus 4.5% interest.  Once the two years have concluded, the death benefit goes up to 100%.


Your Term Non-Medical



Instituted in April 2017, Your Term Non-Medical is a level term policy with the following features:



Furthermore, Foresters Financial™ offers a “Charity Benefit Provision”.  This feature gives policyholders the ability to donate 1% of their policy’s face value amount to a charity of their choice at no additional cost.



SMART Universal Life Insurance



A form of non-medical permanent life insurance, SMART Universal Life insurance plans provide up to a $250,000 death benefit for those up to 55 years of age, and $150,000 for those between 56 to 70 years of age.



Variable Products



Variable life insurance products offer both a guaranteed death benefit and a cash value that accumulates significantly over time.  Sub-accounts are utilized in order to invest, thereby increasing the cash value.  The sub-accounts can then be accessed through non-taxable policy loans by the policyholder.




Foresters Financial™ has demonstrated remarkable financial stability building itself virtually from the ground up.  The company’s solid and affluent reputation in the industry has been established due to its outstanding product line up.  It is worth noting that there have been no member complaints filed regarding the organization, which is quite spectacular given that they provide services throughout numerous countries.  If you are searching for the best final expense insurance, Foresters Financial™ is certainly the company to look at.



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