When looking for life insurance rates, many insurance companies may ask you to complete specific steps, such as a questionnaire. Looking for life insurance doesn’t have to be a complicated process.


What steps does the insurance company use to place you in a rating category?
An extensive questionnaire is completed, sometimes by the agent for smaller amounts of insurance but usually by a medical examiner. When a physical exam is required, the insurance company pays for it along with blood and urine testing and sometimes an EKG. You give your OK to let the company access your medical records. Based on the test results and your history, the company gives you a rating class.  These rating classes are called, for example; “super preferred” – the lowest in cost – and then preferred, regular or standard. Each of these groups has a different cost for your age and gender. Even if you have had some medical concerns in your history, you can often still get insurance but with an extra rate. The terminology for this extra rate is called a “rated” policy.


What if you have had an imperfect medical history?
Again, the right person representing your interests is important. There are agents that know more than others. Even with experience, it’s also important to have access to many insurance companies. A good online life insurance site has access to numerous companies.


When you get a medical exam for insurance, what is done?
The exam is done at your home or office. A physician, paramedic or a nurse goes through a questionnaire on your history. A urine sample is taken along with a blood sample. For larger amounts, more extensive tests including an EKG or X-Ray, might be done. The samples are tested for nicotine, certain medications and for illegal drugs.


How do you lower the cost of your life insurance?
First, shop well. Get quotes from numerous companies. You can go to a quoting engine and get anonymous and instant life insurance quotes online.


What are some things you can if you have a medical history and want to see what life insurance would cost?
Be complete and truthful to the insurance agent about your history when you talk with the representative. As experienced professionals, we are aware of which insurance companies have lower insurance rates for different conditions. Often, we can find a company that looks at a situation vastly different than others to your advantage.


If I get charged extra for my life insurance because of health problems or if I quit smoking cigarettes can I lower my life insurance cost later?
In years to come, if your health improves (or if you are a smoker and quit for a few years), we can contact the insurance company on your behalf and ask the life insurance company will lower your rates. It can’t hurt your existing policy to do this since the policy you have can’t be changed once you have it but you could lower your costs.









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