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This life insurance company directory is provided for our readers.  We are a life insurance brokerage firm representing many life insurance companies.  If you are interested in life insurance quotes and/or applying for a policy, please contact us at 866-691-0100.

If you need to contact your insurance company, we have provided this list of life insurance company phone numbers and websites for your convenience:

Insurance Company Notes Website Phone Number
American General Life Insurance   www.americangeneral.com 877-200-0220
AXA Equitable Life Insurance   www.axa-equitable.com 888-228-6690
Banner Life Insurance   www.lgamerica.com 800-638-8428
Chase Life Insurance See Protective Life N/A N/A
Empire General Life Insurance See West Coast Life N/A N/A
First Penn Pacific Life Insurance See Lincoln Life N/A N/A
Guardian Life Insurance Company of America


Genworth Life Insurance
  www.genworth.com 888-325-5433
ING/Reliastar Life Insurance   www.ing.us 877-882-5050
Jefferson-Pilot Life Insurance See Lincoln Life N/A N/A
John Hancock Life Insurance   www.johnhancock.com 800.387-2747
Liberty Life Insurance   www.rbcinsurance.com/us 866-765-4555
Lincoln Benefit Life Insurance   www.allstate.com 800-525-2799
Lincoln Life Insurance Company   www.lfg.com 888-946-2700
Manulife Insurance Company See John Hancock N/A N/A
Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company   www.massmutual.com 800-212-2216
MetLife Insurance Company   www.metlife.com 800-638-5000
MONY Life Insurance Company See AXA Equitable N/A N/A
Nationwide Life Insurance Company   www.nationwide.com 800-543-3747

North American Company for Life and Health Insurance

  www.nacolah.com 877-872-0757
Principal Life Insurance Company   www.principal.com 800-247-9988

Protective Life Insurance Company

  www.protective.com 800-866-9933

Prudential Life Insurance Company

  www.prudential.com 800-782-5356
Sun Life Insurance Company   www.sunlife.com 877-431-7379
Transamerica Life insurance Company   www.transamerica.com 800-852-4678
United of Omaha Life Insurance Company   www.mutualofomaha.com 800-775-7894
West Coast Life Insurance Company   www.westcoastlife.com 800-366-9378
William Penn Life Insurance Company   www.lgamerica.com 800-346-4773
Zurich Life Insurance Company See Protective Life N/A N/A

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