Sample Survivorship Rates

Death Benefit = $1,000,000 (other amounts available)

Preferred Best Non-Tobacco
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Preferred Non-Tobacco



Standard Non-Tobacco Preferred Tobacco Standard Tobacco
45/45 $3,799 $3,961 $4,717 $6,161 $7,407
55/55 $6,206 $6,452 $7,758 $10,029 $12,866
65/65 $10,543 $10,543 $12,997 $16,645 $21,207
70/70 $13,560 $13,578 $17,527 $21,914 $28,086
75/75 $17,747 $17,747 $22,945 $28,996 $36,331
80/80 $26,514 $26,748 $34,465 $44,403 $54,584

Sample Survivorship Rates are Estimated Premiums

These sample survivorship rates are based on published premiums from A (or higher) rated companies as of 11/11/10. Premiums are based on lifetime annual payments with a guaranteed lifetime death benefit. While we can estimate your health class, final determination is made during the underwriting process. These survivorship rates are for husband and wife of same age and are for illustrative purposes only. These rates may not be available in all states.

High-Risk Life Insurance

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