Long Term Care Insurance | Don’t Wait!

August 19, 2019

long term care insurance

For all intents and purposes, U.S. adults generally plan wisely for that “rainy day” which happens to all of us. For many, there are a lot of “rainy day” events to prepare for because our parents instill in us while growing up that life ain’t always grand. Once we reach adult age and are out […]


Affordable Life Insurance for Pilots

June 5, 2018

life insurance for pilots

Most people consider getting affordable life insurance a challenge. There are many different products to learn about and the underwriting process can be stressful, especially if you have certain health conditions, a dangerous occupation, travel to dangerous areas, or your hobby is on the list of “hobbies you shouldn’t have.” The job of an underwriter […]


Life Insurance with Depression

May 18, 2018

Finding affordable life insurance when you have a history of depression can be a challenging and complex process. Most consumers understand that life insurers rate according to age and health, but many do not consider the mental health aspect of underwriting. Underwriters are likely to question you about your mental health and your parents’ mental […]


Understanding the Term Conversion Privilege

May 11, 2018

the conversion privilege

As we go through our adult lives, it’s typical for most people to accumulate substantial debt when buying homes, automobiles, investing in retirement plans, opening a business, or starting a family.  Throughout our younger years, when plenty of life insurance coverage is necessary because of our debt, the most reasonably priced type of life insurance […]


Why Do I need a Medical Exam to Get Life Insurance?

May 4, 2018

do I need a Medical Exam to get life insurance

As a life insurance agent, I always expect the “eye-roll” which is typically accompanied by a “sigh” the moment I mention the insurance company will order a medical exam. This reaction is typical and I can certainly understand why. Even repeat customers seem to groan at having someone they don’t know come to their home […]